8va and cross to staff problem


I’ve a small problem : in this example I select right hand notes of a piano score in a group of crossed staff quarter. I want to put the symbol ‘8ba’ on them. But when I add the symbol, it put it on the left hand (where I wrote the notes before crossing the staff. If I add the 8ba symbol before crossing the staff, the same problemn remains… Can someone suggest how to add a 8ba symbol here in the right hand?

THANKS :smiley:

The octave lines work like clefs. That’s why they’re attached to staves rather than to individual notes. Adding the octave line to the right hand staff before moving the notes across should do the trick.

I found ! it’s strange :
-Pass in galley view
-put the 8ba symbol in the right hands (after selecting notes), it works fine.

Doing the same but in page view, it double the 8ba symbol on left hand…

Thanks fkretlow, but in page view I tried to do as you suggest but it doesn’t match : after you cross staff, the octave line stay only in the original staff.
But if you pass in Galley viex it works !
strange but ok !

I’m glad you found a way to do it. What you describe is strange indeed. Over here it works like I described and there’s no difference between doing it in page or galley view for me.

Strange… I’m on mac (10.12.6)… I retried as you say but still after crossing staves, the 8ba line disappear for one staff .
Finally also in Page view it works : if you re-add a octave line after crossing staves, but selecting a space before in the grid from where it should start… Otherwise it add it on the wrong staff…
Anyway, THANKS A LOT !!