8va bassa

Can someone tell me how to make an instrument sound an octave lower than written?
Love to hear…

If you mean with an 8vb line:
Select the note or region > Shift-C > type “8ba”

If you mean with a clef:
Select the first note > Shift-C > type “f8ba”

If you mean making an instrument transpose 8vb completely with no clef change:
You could edit the transposition of the instrument in Play mode by clicking Edit Instrument:

I’ve never used this but it might do the job:

Thanks for your responses!!!
Unfortunately I can’t find the edit function in VST and MIDI panel. I use NotePerformer
best Jeroen

Perhaps using an octave clef with the option on the Clefs page of Notation Options set to respect the octave indicator in clefs would be the simplest way?

Thanks again, it works with clefs page option…
I assume this will actually have to be arranged from the playback plug-in (Hallion, Spectrasonics etc.)?

If all you want to do is change the playback pitch without changing anything about the notation, in general I would recommend modifying the expression map rather than fiddling around with clefs etc., but that’s tricky when you’re using NotePerformer, because every instrument sound uses the same expression map.

You’re absolutely right!! :slight_smile: …Noteperformer does a pretty good job but indeed no individual expressions map. do you know if there is some kind of equivalent for NotePerformer with Expressions map?

What I’ve done in the past with NotePerformer, when I need something different in the Expression Map for just one instrument, is duplicate the NotePerformer Expression Map, rename the duplicate something useful, and change the instrument you want to change in the duplicate. In the endpoint setup dialog, change the Expression Map for that one instrument to your duplicate.

That’s what I ended up doing for the harp. Harp harmonics are notated with the pitch of the string to be plucked, with the sounding pitch one octave higher. NotePerformer’s Natural Harmonic playing technique plays the harmonic at the notated pitch, which is what you want for instruments of the string family, but not for the harp. So with the dupicated Expression Map, it’s a piece of cake to change the Natural Harmonic playback octave for just the harp and the beauty of it is that it doesn’t mess up harmonic playback for any other instruments, since they would be using the original, non-duplicate Expression Map.

That’s a very good tip!!.. I’m going to try that… Thanks!!! :slight_smile:

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I don’t think anyone has mentioned what I think is the quickest and easiest way:

Add an explicit clef at the beginning, and shift its octave in Properties.

Hi Mark… Yes!! that works in the score!! :grinning: :+1:
But in the instrumental part it shows different (one octave to low)

Yes, it appears that you have to change the octave property manually in the part as well. (Set local properties = Globally doesn’t work for this, nor does Edit > Propagate Properties. I don’t know why not, since the lower zone does say this is a Global property.)

But once you have an octave-shifted clef working in the score and part, you can copy the clef elsewhere and its property is retained in both score and part. This would be useful if you have more than one flow, as you need to set the explicit clef for each flow.

Great Mark!!
This is the best solution for now! :+1: :grinning:
I’m going to use this!!
best Jeroen