8va does not appear in one line

Hi there, my problem is described in the attached PDF file. As a new member of the forum, I am not allowed to insert more than one image.
8va does not appear in one line.pdf (325,8 KB)

Many thanks for your help :blush:

Hi. That’s a problem that has been described already in this forum. Cross-stave notes belong to the staff where they first come from (their voice comes from a specific staff) which is different from the destination staff… and 8va markings belong to the destination staff. So show the caret on the upper staff (Shift-N to show the caret and use the arrows if you need to go up there), shift-C, 8, enter, then space bar to make that octava line appear and have a length. This length will depend upon the rhythmic value that is selected (6 for a quarter, 8 for a whole note…). Hope it helps!


Hello and thank you for your reply!
If I try your suggested solution, the following happens:
I can octave the section I want in the top line, but everything else in the top line is also octaved, retroactively up to bar 32. The “8va” marked in yellow can no longer be moved with the mouse.

I really hope you have some advice here too

Why would you move it with the mouse? You can move it either with alt-arrows, or shorten it with alt-shift-arrows… In any case, select the first chord on bar 33, shift-C, 8, enter should be enough for that page, right? Then invoke the caret on bar 35 top staff, shift-C, 8, enter, 8 (to select whole note duration), space bar twice, escape. Why wouldn’t you put that octave line twice, when it’s what you need?

I take it you already know about this.

Well, I don’t know exactly what I messed up in my instructions… Now we are at the point where it would really be convenient if you could send a project (only with those problematic bars) so that we can experiment with it and describe the solution more easily :wink:

Sorry for the delay, I’m quite busy these days…
I’ve checked the Nusskracker file, and applied exactly what I described up there. BUT the rhythmical values are such that I’ve needed to put the rhythmic grid to 16th (or smaller). Select the first quasi arpa note that’s in the top staff, shift-N to show the caret and up-arrow. That’s where you need to have a small rhythmic grid, otherwise the caret will move according to the grid. Then shift-C, 8, select some rhythmic value (quarter?) and press space to lengthen the octava line (that does not appear at fist, as it has no duration) until the end of those arpa notes. Done.

DerNussknacker.dorico (1,6 Mo)

Hope it helps!

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Now I have finally managed to do it like this:
- Delete all quasi arpa notes
- Enter all notes in the top line
- Add octaves
- Then select the notes that should be on the bottom line and move them down using “m”

I would like to thank you once again for your help.

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