8va line bug

Hi all
Has anyone else noticed when setting both line and hook length to 0 after an 8va line there’s a very tiny graphical artefact left over (I know it’s not standard practice, but typesetting old edition). Or is there a better way to remove the line completely?

[yes I know it’s VERY tiny, but with line lengths of 0 surely there shouldn’t be anything visible?]

Slice 1

If one click on something else on the page, does the “artifact” disappear? It looks like the orange circle/handle showing the end of the octave range.

I think the OP is referring to the little mark to the top right of the “a”.

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Yes, the circle is a harmonic marking. I did mean the tiny dot to the upper right of the 8va marking.

I’m not sure how you got this with a line length of zero, but did you see this post, indicating that you could use a custom Playing Technique?:

It is possible to change the minimum line length and set hook length to 0 in engraving options, and yes a playing technique is a workaround for notational purposes, but unfortunately not playback.
I’m probably just in a nitpicky mood and this is only really a very minor bug report! :joy:

If you are really determined to make the 8va line disappear, set the Minimum length for octave line (in Engraving Options > Octave Lines) to -11/128 spaces.

The following picture is a screenshot taken at maximum zoom (1600%). The artefact is discernible, but very small.
At normal size you would possibly not know it is there.

With some experimentation, you might be able to reduce it even further.