8va line with bar repeats

I did a search of the forum that yielded nothing.

I am trying to add a 8va line to a section that includes bar repeats:

I cannot seem to drag the end of the 8va line, to the end of the measures. It stops where it currently is being displayed in the graphic above.

Gould states/shows that this line should carry through to the end of the bar repeats.

Am I doing something wrong? Am I missing a setting somewhere?


And not sure if matters, but the next object in the score is a rest.


And I guess while I am at it… the trill line as well, cannot be extended over the selection.


I can make both work, but I’m not trying to drag with the mouse.

Option 1: make the entire selection, going beyond the end of the repeat structures, invoke the relevant popover, then use Shift+Alt+Arrows to adjust the trill or 8va line.

Option 2: just use the Shift+Alt+Arrows as usual, but persevere - though the attachment of the 8va line moves with each tap of Shift+Alt+Right, the visual representation of it snaps to bars.

Bottom line: get your hand off your mouse.

When you drag an item with the mouse in Write mode, it snaps to what it considers to be valid positions. Somewhat awkwardly, Dorico doesn’t consider a bar repeat region to be a valid location for snapping most items because they typically snap to notes. and there are no notes there. Leo’s advice is correct: you can always use Shift+Alt+left/right to extend or retract these items (set the rhythmic grid to something bigger like a whole note and then add Ctrl/Command to move by a bigger step).

Oh, how true this is. The mouse is necessary sometimes, but less often than people think. Moving away from it has been a huge help to my workflow. Now when I train folks, that’s one of the first things I tell them to avoid (whenever possible).

Thanks for the advice!

I am able to get both items to at least cover the bars with that SHIFT+ALT+Left/Right arrow.

The trill works because it there is an actual note in the measure after the bar repeats, therefore looking like it is supposed to. However, the 8va line, has to extend over the rest that begins the next measure. I cannot get it to snap to the last 8th note of the last measure with the bar repeat. The attachment line snaps there, but not the physical representation of the 8va. If that makes sense.


I can confirm this behaviour. I guess the only workaround for now is to adjust the “End X Offset” in Engrave mode. It doesn’t automatically propagate to other layouts, sadly.

That sounds like a great way to fix this. Thanks Leo! I appreciate the help!