8va on bottom note of chord

I am trying to get the bottom note of a chord to show an 8va for an octave lower. The top notes of the chord are tied over from the preceding measure. However if I select the bottom note, even though it is a different voice, it still moves all of the notes of the chord. Anyway of notating this properly?
Hard to explain, I think. so here is a pic of what I want:

Have you moved (alt-M) the bottom note onto the lower stave?

No, sorry, that example is not what I want. What I want is a chord higher in the bass clef that is tied to the previous measure and then the octave lower C in the second measure. I can’t find an example of it.

No Janus, I didn’t do that.
Thanks for the reply

I’m not sure exactly what you mean either. If it is that you want one voice to be 8va then all you need to do is: Select only the notes in that voice > press Shift+C > 8va > Press Alt+Enter (rather than just Enter)

Thanks so much Daniel. That at least gets the sheet looking the way I want. I really don’t understand what alt+enter does though, but it works. Again, thank you.


Alt+Enter applies whatever you’re entering to only the current voice.

Ah, thanks. I needed to know that. Guess I don’t remember everything in the manual :slight_smile:

Come to think of it, I haven’t read all the manual.