8va only in the score, not in the part?

Is it true that 8va only in the score and not in the part isn’t possible at the moment?

Yes I believe so. If you’re using a concert pitch score with transposed pitch parts, you could perhaps use an octave-transposing clef that’s only set to show in concert pitch layouts as an alternative?

Thank you Lillie for your answer! I have many very low notes of the bas clarinet in my transposed score. This is not a problem in the part, but I have not enough space in the score. Using 8ba would avoid an extra page and awkward page breaks. I know that 8ba with the bas clarinet is not common, but in this case it seems to me to be the best compromise. I would be pleased if 8va/8ba only in the score and not in the part will be possible in a future version of Dorico.

What clefs are you using for the bass clarinet in the score vs the part?

Only treble clefs

There’s a version of the bass clarinet that’s set to show bass clefs in the score but treble clefs in the part (as the player would expect) – I’ve not double-checked this works in a transposed pitch score, but that’s another option perhaps?

Thank you! I will try it tomorrow!

Sorry, it doesn’t work (or I’m doing something wrong).

Yes you’re right – in that case, provided you have Dorico Pro, you can override the default transposed pitch clef used for the bass clarinet in the full score layout.

Thank you, but I would need an overriding only for one bar (e.g. to write some very low notes of the bass clarinet in the bass clef only in the score). And this is apparently not possible?

I was in a similar situation as you lately, and did not find a satisfying solution either.
I basically use only transposed scores.

What we need is either an additional option for layout types score/part/custom (additional to the current transposing/sounding options), OR a „hide/show in this layout“ option no matter the other settings OR a way for 8va lines to be local.

It’s a workaround, but once you’re done writing you can always double the player, then use one player for the score layout and the other for the part layout, each with whatever ottava or clef modifications as needed.