8va sign

Dear Dorico Community,
how can I reproduce this example. Selecting the notes and clicking on 8va(15va) doesn’t do anything.
Thanks in advance.

Selecting notes and clicking on the Octave Lines icons generally works for me, but whether it will work for cross-stave notes, I’m not sure.

It’s a bit confusing: you’ve got overlapping 8vas - so is that cumulative?

You’re right. It’s a quite sloppy edition and the overlapping lines are of course false.
In general the 8va lines work for me as well but with cross staff beams they unfortunately don’t.

Cross-staff notes still “belong” to their home staff, and octave lines apply to the staff. To input an octave line that affects the top staff you need to show the note input caret, position it on the top staff, then input the octave line (you’ll almost certainly need to press Space at least once to give it duration). Alternatively, input one anywhere else and Alt/Opt-click it into place.

You’re a genius, Lilly! Thank you!

You’re welcome, although @pianoleo tends to be the cross-staff-octave-line aficionado around here really.

Isn’t a two-octave shift normally notated as 15ma? (And even if the 16 would be acceptable, it would be 16ma for Italian ‘sedecima’)

You’re right. It should be 15ma.