I just discovered that I can only send 8 instances of my KICK to other channels. Why this limitation? I’m using my kick to “duck” other channels out of the way.
Any way around this?

You can put the tracks into group folder(s) and set output to the group, then put compressor on the group and set the kick as the sidechain source. So a group for Bass, a group for guitars and a group for keys and you only need 3 sends

I have different compression requitements for each instrument.

One way to get more sends is to use one of the kick’s sends to send to a new group for the purpose of gaining more sends. (You do not need to route that new groups output anywhere if you do not want/need it)., Use the group as a side chain source for your compressor. You can chain “chains” this way till you’re blue in the face.

Sounds interesting! How would I create this group? It’s not like I want to create 200 sends, lol. 16 would be sufficient for my OCD

There’s a couple of ways to skin this cat…

The simplest is to create two group tracks, say KG1 and KG2. Disable their direct outs.
Now use two sends on the Kick, one to KG1 and the other two KG2. When selecting the sidechain input for a compressor, you can select either group channel as a sidechain source as they will have the same identical signal as the Kick track. This gives you sixteen available sidechain sends, and you still have the six sends left on the Kick track.

You can even use one of a group track’s send (out) as an input to another group track, in daisy chain fashion if you wish, getting more sources for sidechaining.

I have no Idea how to disable the direct outs of the GROUP channel

Just click where it says “stereo out” so that it turns grey.

Just press the right mouse button at your Kick Channel and choose “Add Group Channel to selected Channels…” (or similar, I’m not on a EN system). And send that new Group Channel to your destination.
My template has a “BD Grp” where I send my Kick to.
See my screen shot. Kick is sent to >Kick (which is the new Group Channel) and that is sent to my BD Grp. You could send >Kick to >>Kick, if you need even more Sends…