9.0.20 experience so far?

Also, still having problems with “Waiting for Video Service” messages and crashes. Mainly if I don’t use the cpu for ~20 min, but it also will happen in the middle of a heavy use session. I’ve done everything posted so far to fix the problem, like the flip 4 mac workaround, but no luck. Pretty angry I spent $100 to upgrade when they still haven’t fixed this issue. :frowning:

audiohead - no problems for me in 9.0.20 with multi monitors, but I’m W10 and GeForce GT610s.

It’s interesting to read of some folks with CPU spiking. I am getting this in 9.0.2. I’m not sure if it actually started in 9.0.1. From reading around here, I guess I have to try disabling Hyperthreading as a first step, but it’s annoying that it wasn’t an issue in earlier versions of Cubase. I have 12 cores with hyperthreading on, so I shouldn’t be affected by this new multicore issue (as I understand it).

No issues here, much more responsive, no crashes that I had on 9.0.10…good release!

My latest tune is at 90+ tracks (of course not all playing audio/synths simultaneously, some with 1-2 parts and a few audio bounces on etc.) including a lot of effects returns. I am not even thinking about inserting plug ins/adding effects channels, must have 250+ in the project (insert another and the ASIO meter does not even move, seems to go smoothly between 40-50pct through the song, ASIO Guard on high/12ms latency), eq’s (DMG Equilibrium and channel eq), reverb, delays, delay based effects, saturators, real time pitch effects and bit crush plug ins compressors, transient enhancers, spatial processing, metering, softsynths galore, markers/ time bar tracks,4-5 sampler tracks with sample loop end point automation, multiple and very detailed automation streams on almost every channel.

Running as good as I could want it still.

I’m not gonna go to Windows just to get Cubase running well GUI-wise (and apparently to get a little more performance!), but man a part of me wants to.

I’m not gonna switch over to Windows just so I can get Cubase running well GUI-wise (and apparently to get a little more performance!), but man a big part of me wants to.

Huh? This new forum does some weird things. Double post.

Staying in 9.0.10… The reports of 9.0.20 didnt’t give me some confidence to update it…

Hi Hjwinge,

We have examined your crash logs. Did you reactivate any plugins from the blacklist of the Plugin Sentinel?

I reported my issue in April…and got a reply from Steinberg July 11. No fix btw.

my crossfade option is disabled / greyed out - i have tried many things but seems its not gonna work or i am missing something here … anyone had this problem lately ?

That happened to me a couple of times in the last 5 years. Not with C9 yet. Had to trash Preferences. Worth a try using safe start and see if it fixes the issue before you trash.

Has been very unstable. Cubase just freezes randomly. No error messages. Has to kill the process. Using another DAW for the moment cause I cannot trust Cubase. Trying to find out what causes the freeze but has not managed to find the cause yet. :frowning:

All drivers and plugins updated to the latest versions. Preferences trashed etc. etc

Do you have a NVIDIA graphic card? Have you already updated this driver?

Yes, latest drivers.Is there known issues with Cubase and newer Nvidia drivers?

There have been some reports about issues with Windows 10 and NVIDIA graphic cards. Which card do you have and what is the version number of the driver?

I have GTX 1070.
I actually have the second newest driver with version number 382.53. They have released a new driver in the end of June 384.76. Will try that one to see if anything changes to the better.

Cubase has been performing great with no major issues / crashes for the last 40 hours in the studio. This is a good sign and I hope it stays stable. Cubase and VST 3 / 2.4. Only in my system did the trick. I also deleted all iOS plugins.

It’s working mostly for me, except the dreaded midi part conversion to drum mapped track when all parts are selected has returned.