9.0.20 experience so far?

Well, I spoke to soon. Same hang happend again today so XMP or display driver was not the cause of the issues. :frowning: Will have to do some more troubleshooting. Won´t mess up this thread with my issues anymore.

Today I had several crashes (win10 Creators update) using Kontakt’s feature ‘search for missing samples’, for Cubase projects with missing wavs. Latest updates on everything I have checked.


You don’t have to point me to Kontakt support, thanks.

Attitude helps get you places… Not.

For those who may have NVidia driver issues - they released a new driver recently.


If you already knew that, I’m just trying to be helpful.

I´m also experiencing this behavior. Really annoying and I have not found the cause. Suspect it has something to do with GUI engine and GPU driver. do you also have a Nvidia GPU?

Yes using a 1060.
But I suspect mediabay, or halion sonicSE
It has not happened again, and I have used Cubase for many hundreds of hours since.
Still think this is the most solid Cubase ever

JTRake, our computers are pretty close in configuration. I set the build up feb 6 of this year and overclocked it to near 5 gHz from its stock 4.2 and have never had any problems. My ease of operation must clearly be that my tracks have very few plugins and are 70% audio. I’m essentially using a very well equipped tape deck, but it suits my needs with a little overkill thrown in

I’ve had intermittant problems with audio dropouts for the past couple years. I upgraded from 8.5 to Cubase 9 in a few month ago, and it has been solid, no such issues since then. Until a few days ago - after installing 9.0.2 the problem is suddenly back. Coincidence?

(I can’t remember if I updated to 9.0.1 in between)

[Addendum: 8/22/17 - I refreshed preferences per Phil Penderbury’s instructions http://www.pendlebury.biz/sbprefs/
Too soon to say for sure, but it seems to have helped.]

Is there a way to “roll back” to previous version?

But there’s the issue - they aren’t the same DAW. The first thing people do with Cubase is make it theirs in so many different ways. Not to mention different hardware, OS…

Can’t compare, just note the issues. Also, some issues are not of Steinberg’s making.