9.0.30 InputFilter-PreGain automation broken when moving to infinite value

InputFilter-PreGain automation broken when moving to infinite value

To reproduce:

  1. Simply create an automation lane for the InputFilter-PreGain and create an automation point
    2.Drag any point to infinite value and watch it magically dissapear:
    Same on audio or instruments track.

Can reproduce.

Not only that, it seems that when using automation at any value, the pregain filters randomly stop following the automation until I make the channel window visible (by selecting the “e” channel button). Only then does Cubase recognize the automation and then follows it. Very annoying bug since I like to use the pregain filters for DJ style filtering.

Whoa, I was just about to upgrade from 9.0.20. That is huge. Thanks for posting.

I can confirm thisalso. filters on some occasions dont respond until you open the editor and touch the knobs/slider (Ive also seen this with eq). This one is one of the dealbreakers for me since you cannot rely on a mixdown before you check every friggin track filter secttion if you used it.

also I guess this one with the dissapearing envelopesis not so new. Here is a German report from 2012 :confused:


This is a disaster.