Working on a project created in 9.03.
Updated to 9.04 and every so often Cubase just decides it going to completely freeze and crash. :imp: :imp: :imp:


Not only that but I now have musical mode errors whereby parts that were playing perfectly in musical mode are now intermittently playing out of time.

I’m on a beast of a pc using Windows 10 and didn’t have these issues before doing the update. :smiling_imp:

There’s no particular trigger either it seems.

Sometimes i’ll be zooming, other times I’ll be hitting space to play the track etc etc

Why not try rolling back and see if it helps.

Never done this before. Any tips on how to do it?

Will this project saved in 9.04 open in 9.03?


Search Programs & Features with Cortana/Choose Show installed updates on left/uninstall.

Update your AMD or NVDIA graphics stuff, fixed drivers there, as MicroS*ck changed something GUI related in their ever issue creating update system. Have mine turned off in services BTW.