9.5.20 Drag and Drop from Finder No Longer Working!? [SOLVED]

Drag and drop from the Mac finder seems broken! It’s really erratic and causes the program to freeze up for a while and act strangely.
I’m on High Sierra… How can this be?

This is now the second enormous bug I’ve found in 9.5.20 in two days (the other being the MIDI import one).
Steinberg, I mean this with great sincerity, you need more beta testers. How can I become one?

Help please.


In certain cases beta testers are invited based on the quality of their reproduction sequences here in the issues report forum.

  1. new project
  2. drag file (what kind of file?)

Ha. Okay, I’ll do my best.

  1. New Project
  2. Try to drag an audio file from the OSX Finder into Cubase. Either to an existing audio track or by hovering in-between tracks, or to where no tracks exist.
  3. Cubase acts weird. The name of the file hovers and freezes, along with the mouse for a few seconds. The audio isn’t placed at all, or not where it should be.

I also used to be able to select a file in the finder, click down with the mouse, command-tab over to Cubase, and drop it where I want. I can’t do this anymore. I can sometimes get drag-and-drop to work by selecting a file and quickly dragging and letting go into Cubase if it’s already in the background. But even that is weird, with missed locations for the drop.

I’ve tried this in existing sessions and new ones.

So sometimes it does work, but the file is inserted at some other spot?

This latter thing sounds like an OS thing. Please create a sig with your OS and system info.

After some more testing, drag-and-drop works okay as long as Cubase isn’t the active, focused app. If I make Cubase the active app while dragging then it freezes up and doesn’t work for about 5-10 seconds. The drop doesn’t happen.

I created a sig… This worked fine with 9.5.10, as well as the initial 9.5 release, and Nuendo 8, etc though.


If I make Cubase the in-focus app then it’s like I have a split second to let go of the mouse, wherever the location is, before Cubase freezes up.

UGHHHHH… I think I figured it out.

It was a conflict with Keyboard Maestro, which I use in conjunction with Cubase for some added key commands. That was a strange one to diagnose, but seems fine now.

Thanks for the your help Steve.
I would still love to help with beta testing, of course… ha.


PS: Feel free to delete this post if you like/can.