9.5.30 -STILL- has broken virtual keyboard display

They had two months between the bug report and the build date, and the virtual keyboard onscreen display still does not light keys when you press them.

I’m -very- close to being done with Cubase. Studio One v4 came out today, and their chord track is miles better than Cubase’s (it actually works on audio, not just MIDI, if I didn’t hallucinate whilst watching the launch livestream). They already have the equivalent of offline processing and a better UI. They have ARA (and now ARA2, as of today) for use with Melodyne (which will accomodate the chord track manipulation inside S1).

As of today, there are fewer and fewer reasons to stick with Cubase. The things I would have hesitated over are largely addressed elsewhere. The only one holding me back right now is that Komplete Kontrol has DAW integration for Cubase but not S1 right now, and I have an S61 arriving next month.

Given Cubase’s QA lately, and lack of an expedient fix to a simple-but-important issue, I’m very close to jumping ship, or at least making S1 my main DAW once I’m up to speed at least as far as I’m into Cubase. If I didn’t mind the migration from FL Studio to Cubase, you can bet that the nearly-identical workflow from Cubase to Studio One will not phase me in the slightest.

Let’s get with the program, -fix- 9.5 in the next maintenance release, and actually give us things we need for 10. Things like ARA2 would be a hell of a start at redemption. Considering the build date on the update is three weeks ago, you’d think someone in testing and/or QA would have ‘discovered’ that the virtual keyboard wasn’t fixed, even though I know there to be an open ticket. Funny how this wasn’t caught during the ‘testing’ period. (Presumably that’s the reason for the delay between build date and release.)

Miffed does not even begin to describe my mood right now.

Shape up, or lose a customer (and as many as I hold sway over). I know I have brought people to Cubase via recommendations; I can just as easily steer them elsewhere.

Drama, no visual feedback on the virtual keyboard :astonished:
What to do ?
Workaround: look at your fingers when pressing keys.

tbh, if i was spearheading the bug reports and pushing demands on my coders, the virtual keyboard lighting up bug would be way way down on my list… sorry it annoys you so much, but trust me, you’ll find something else to be annoyed with in another daw, so.

And if I were pressing a key on a normal piano keyboard, I wouldn’t need the damned display, would I? That’s the whole point of telling you visually where you are, is because QWERTY does not line up with musical notes in any real memorable sense. Then there’s the octave cross-over between top and bottom rows. I have better things to memorise, and very few people have -that- good of pitch detection.

Other developers work on better than the 1970s-1980s IBM model of quarterly releases no matter how drastic the bug. For the love of God, I’ve just watched Image-Line put out three release candidates for FL20 in the last 2-4 weeks, as they finalise their first release of it.

For Steinberg to have left offline processing as broken as I saw it described in another post for as long as it was broken is simply not on.

I like Cubase quite a bit, but I’m not fond of Steinberg’s release practises.

This isn’t 20-30 years ago. I have no idea why people are silently and gladly suffering the practises of that era. If a company is going to rely on downloadable patches to fix bugs they never should have let out the door (some of them deal-breakers) in the first place, then they should do it in a timely fashion. Steinberg has been anything -but- timely, in my experience. I know -game- studios that have a much higher sense of urgency about fixing their bugs. This could be because game developers know their market is over-saturated and their customers go away if not satisfied. Steinberg would do well to recognise that the DAW market has become pretty crowded, and there is no shortage of alternatives to Cubase. This ‘take it or leave’ it attitude they appear to have does not cut it in this day and age. The fact that they have white knights actually defending the attitude and practise is truly baffling.

Confirmed. Just updated to 9.5.30 and virtual keyboard is still broken and no, that is not a fix “look at your fingers”. If your car speedometer stops working, is the fix “just look the speed from your phone gps” ? Sure, it can be a momentarily workaround. Luckily at least the VST plugins show the keypresses correctly. Funny thing is when I click the virtual keyboard with mouse it lights up correctly. And If I hold key from keyboard, “W” for example, and i move mouse cursor over it, it stays lit. So there is some kind of small bug somewhere.

I myself am not switching DAW over this since i really don’t have time to start learn to use some other DAW. But I admit the support from developers could be better.

I was amazed when I got myself Xfer Serum, ran into problem. Contacted support and the developer himself replied to me in less than 3 hours and helped me fix the problem. Now that is support.

Anyway, I hope this gets fixed soon. Annoying problem since I use virtual keyboard a lot.