9.5.30 update won't install

I just upgraded to Cubase Pro 9.5 from 9. I’m running Windows 7 64-bit.

I initially had issues with getting 9.5 installed, but updating Windows fixed that. I haven’t been able to install the 9.5.30 update, though. When I run the installer, it stops mid-way and closes.

One suggestion I’ve seen has been to uninstall and reinstall 9.5 and then search for updates during installation. Neither this, nor uninstalling/reinstalling and trying to update again afterwards worked.

Hi and welcome,

Have you installed C9.5 on the system C drive?

Yes, it’s on my C drive.


Could you try to clean your registry? Use something like CCleaner, please.

I cleaned my registry with CCleaner (it did not find any issues) but I’m still having the same issue.

I finally have 9.5.30 installed. Turns out it was some Windows updates that weren’t installed properly.

Can you specify a particular windows update? I still cant install that cubase update.

I’m not sure about which specific Windows update it was that fixed this. I found that I had to check for updates, install those, check again, install again, etc, until Windows didn’t find any new updates to install. I ran one pass of checking/installing updates when installing C9.5 and thought that that would install everything. It was only after a friend told me that he had to re-check/install multiple times until everything was installed that I tried it, which fixed this issue for me. Highly annoying.

Thanks, Ill give it a go.