Hey hey everyone.

I’m guessing Cubase 9.5 doesn’t have the feature of Nuendo’s DOP “Favorites”?

Secondly, is there ANY way to audition the processing in real time in the context of the entire mix (before applying)?


Lots of people have asked for it, but Steinberg won’t confirm/deny that it’ll appear in a forthcoming update. If I was a betting man I’d say it will…

Deactivate “Auto Apply” at the top. You will need to click “Apply” every time you want to add a new effect to the chain, though.

Thanks for your response dude.

With the second question, I am doing that currently, unfortunately I can’t see a way to audition it in the mix unless ‘apply’ is used. It would be handy to make real time changes to Offline Processing effects while listening to the entire mix. With the way it is currently, we have to make adjustments in a stop-start fashion (and guess each time at what parameters to apply - but getting closer each time :wink: )