9.5 gui,F1 and colours problem ?

Hi All !
I have just updated to 9.5 pro
had the usual key commands problem butt these 3 problems have me scratching my head
clean windows install all drivers and chipset up to dat bios reflashed …
Cubase 9.5 on a clean HDD.
1 Gui in the mixer window
right pane seems to have no visible boxes to tick for visibility … the check boxes do not show but I can still use the interface jus does not look right
2 in the preferences Menu under user colours for faders and some (not All) others the pallets seem to be restricted only a thin strip of colour to choose from the rest of the pallet has chequered boxes and can not be used I want to have Black vca faders like in my other Cubase versions.
3 the F! help will not work , I know this was an issue in the last Cubase but I have forgotten the workaround to get to the PDF instead of a blank html page
(this >: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/posting.php?mode=post&f=250&sid=0f2cb934e74ca83f150cd8c81d0902a0 )

anyone have a link or links to threads concerning these three probs I would be very thankfull
Thanks in Advance .

What check boxes are you expecting?

That’s correct. That’s the way the colour scheme is now.

F1 opens the online help. If you need it, you can download a PDF from there.

hi stingray
thanks for the reply.
1 mixer -left panel- zones there was three check boxes for each chan normal ,lft , right= this will allighn where you need the channel to be in the mixer view eg mix bus and stereo out checkbox right …the buttons are there and working but the gui shows a solid background

2… oh no that’s a shame I do not like the colour scheming from day one but lived with it now its got worse … oh well its not a major drama I guess I will roll with the flow … I miss my black faders though lol

3…I know but I get just a blank page… np pdf no online help zilch nadda nothing…
I remember this happened before but I have forgotten the workaround for it …something like a link to the F1vfunktion …Errrrrgh again no big deal but I don’t want to go online each time I need to know something … F1 open PDF … done

cheers for your reply …

  1. Yes, no tick boxes anymore. It’;'s a bit weird but you get used to it.
  2. You can change the colours but it’s not as simple as it should be and IS somewhat limited and you have to change things in the right order. Bizarre.
  3. F1 should take you to a Help page…it does here. It’s not as nice as an offline PDF but you should get something. What’s the URL of the page you get? Have you updated to 9.5.10 as there was a problem with Help links on one of the versions I think?

thanks for the reply…
I get this.:
blank page…

this is the link it should be .:
I got that the long way around via my Steinberg page etc etc

Hmmmm strange as your link above works for me and redirects automatically to

which is the Cubase manuals page, a step further on than the one you then found. A browser setting perhaps? I’m using Chrome.