9.5 Hub News Feed not showing

My hub is not showing anything in news and all the other pages have mainly question marks. Ive tried a total re-install with full version and also trashed the preferences but still the same-anyone else having this issue? Ive tried to bring this issue up in 9.5 survey but getting lost in the thread.

Yes… others are having this issue. Hang in there, I’m sure they will fix it sooner or later. Honestly, the news feed was never updated in a timely manner anyway.


Regards :sunglasses:

Many thanks for responding-good to know Im not alone! I thought it was something that I may have sort out my end.

Hi all,

We have updated the HUB. Could you please check if you are still having this issue?


Hi! Yes its functions properly now many thanks!

Hub updated but i cannot bypass it when i kill it in the task manager i cannot load a project or even check my vst… everything loads blank… windows 10 updated and worked on 9.2

Can anyone help hub feed there niw but i cannot launch a new project and before in the hub you could swlwct one… when a project or antthing in the tab feild is select it comes up blank… i uninstall reinstalled deleted the %appdata/stienberg previous versions