9.5 issues back to 9

(Windows 10 - HP Z440 XEON E5 3.5gHz)

Very disappointing. 9.5 is useless. I have to go back to 9.

My issues with 9.5:

  • Crashes on startup
  • preferences are not stored
  • Crashes on quit
  • latency with every plugin (WTF?! - I am a +25 yrs user, this is the first time ever I encounter latency with a Steinberg app)


  • all 9 preferences and paths are NOT set in 9.5. Takes hours to set and due to the crashes at quitting the preferences are not stored.
  • I am waiting for months now to get a reaction from Support on older issues with 9

Unfortunately Cubase 9.5 runs so bad I have to go back to 9. Does anyone know where I can download Cubase 9? There is only 9.5 in my download section.

Make sure that Windows 10 is fully updated. That seems to fix nearly all issues some people had.

Try reinstalling Cubase Pro 9.5 using the full 10GB installer instead of the updater, and use a different “install for all users” setting than the one you had used before. The latter thing is the reason why your settings weren’t imported automatically.

Thank you Romantique Tp! My Windows is always up to date and I uninstalled 9.5 and re-installed it with all users on. Unfortunately it doesn’t bring any improvement…
This is one of the most unreliable Cubase upgrades ever! Too bad I bought it immediately without trying it first.

Go to the C:\Users{{username}}\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg folder. You’ll have to copy the stuff from the Cubase 9_64 into the Cubase 9.5_64 folder.

Thank you! Does that make the crashes disappear?

It could, but it probably wont. These crashes seem to happen to only a very small number of users and I don’t know what could be triggering them yet.

If the crashes don’t go away, maybe reinstalling the drivers for your audio interface, any MIDI controllers and your GPU could help. Nothing guaranteed though.

The Fall Creators update actually isn’t optimal, so need no need to upgrade to that yet for anyone reading this.

So you uninstalled 9 first… Bad move!

Actually, I’m using the Windows 10 Fall Creators update and everything works perfectly. Just sayin…

Actually, I’m using the Windows 10 Fall Creators update and everything works perfectly. Just sayin… I’m not saying anyone should do this. Steinberg recommends that you wait until they give the all clear, but I did it anyway. Works beautifully.

If it works fine for you then great. I mentioned it because of an actual issue on some setups, but it will go away anyway.

Pim, last month Romantique Tp gives me a link to Cubase 8.5 when I asked for 8.0 to use on an old computer with my license for 9.0. I think he can help you with version 9.0 too. I suppose it will be a trial version to download, but your license makes it full version or smth like that :slight_smile: Ask him privately if he silent here for long :wink:

But about 9.5… Last week I wrote an angry post here about this version and now I have one warning. So I’m glad to work with 9.0 at least until the end of year, because of album which should be released.

Respect to your seniority! (25+yrs) And Best Regards!
Hope you’ll be fine on a temporary downgrade :wink: