9.5 midi editing, separate window.

Hi guys, whilst it’s a great feature I use two screens one for the arrangement and the other for editing and the mixer. when I double click on a midi event it loads up the editor at the bottom of the screen, this is nice but far too fiddley for my liking. I want midi events to open up as a separate window on my other screen, you can already achieve this by clicking “open in a separate window” but you have to keep doing it every time. Anyone know if there’s a way to make this default.



Yes, you can set this as default behavior. Go to preferences and adjust this option: Editors > ‘Double-Click opens Editor in a Window/in Lower Zone’


perfect, yer had to switch the “default MIDI editor” to “open key Editor”. If anyone else wanted to do the same.

Thanks Sir.

I know this is an old post but you saved me from a lot of frustration in the first day I installed Cubase 10. I was so disappointed when I saw the docked version. Thank you:)

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No problem. I’m Glad I could help you out.

I don’t know if this is the right place to ask for this, but since I undocked the editor in a separate window whenever I reopen the editor (e.g. double-click a sample) it opens a new window. I’ve organized my workspace and opening a new window is really annoying, I’d like each sample to open in the same editor window, the one I’ve properly organized.

Is this possible?

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