9.5 Pro crashing

Cubase 9.5 Pro | Windows 10 | Kontakt 6 | GetGood Drums | GGD Studio Cabs Zilla | GGD Smash and Grab | Waves

i7 3.2 and 32 gigs of ram

I use a lot of VSTs. Still desperately trying to resolve this issue after months now of intermittent crashing. Made some progress but not much.

Currently I’m getting crashes when I start mixing my projects. Typically around the time I start adding group tracks and adding more plug-ins.
At first I thought it was Kontakt, then I thought it was Smash and Grab, now I’m unsure again.

I’ve made sure all my VSTs are in the folders Cubase likes them to be in. C:/Program Files/Common Files/VST2 or VST3. Everything seems to be OK in plug-in manager

I’ve got AISO guard on high, CPU meter doesn’t idle over half usually.
Cubase 64bit 2020.8.1 23.55.dmp (1010 KB)