9.5 UI, still slow with big templates ?

Do you know if 9.5 has gained speed ? The interface of the 9 is extremely slow when using heavy templates. The slightest manipulation takes almost one second so I stayed on 8.5 finally.

It’s without a doubt better for me overall (see sig for my Mac setup). Some things are still maddeningly slow in larger sessions though, like moving tracks up and down in the project window. The mixer is still very slow/jerky when scrolling through it, too. And some things like opening up the piano tool editor in a high-CPU session will still overload the CPU. So, they still have significant work to do, but it’s a good improvement over how it was before at least.

Zooming in the Project window is far faster and smoother than 9, as are some other things. Definitely worth the upgrade – even if it’s not a full success yet with the GUI issues, it’s enough to make a significant difference for me. I was auditioning Studio One and Digital Performer because I was going to ditch Cubase mostly because of the GUI, then decided not to after using 9.5.

Unfortunately this has also been my experience. UI is much better but still not great.

Yeah. It makes me hopeful because some significant parts of it got better for 9.5, but it’s still very maddening to work with in the ways I mentioned. It needs continued strong attention to get it up to speed fully.

OK thanks for your valuable response. So I stay on 8.5 because 8.5 is perfect on that part of the subject. Steinberg should take care of making Cubase faster and more reliable, rather than adding lots of options that throw a lot of sight into it, but that doesn’t bring much to the end.

This is not serious work.