9.5 uses ~3x CPU of 9.0 for Serum???

I have been wondering about the 9.5 CPU efficiency several times already.
After bying a new music PC with an actual Coffee Lake 6-core CPU (32 GB RAM), I had hoped to have enough CPU headroom for my Cubase projects. While that is the case generally, I was completely shocked to find out that one single fat Serum pad, using up around one third of my CPU according to the Cubase meter in version 9.0, was hitting the CPU top level on 9.5, even causing casual spikes with distorted audio.

From the various CPU threads in this forum I get no clear picture about the CPU efficiency of 9.5 compared to 9. But what I experienced with Serum, practically makes 9.5 completely unuseable for me, if it generally is such an inefficient CPU hog.

Any explanation what’s going on there?
Any remedy in sight with future 9.5 versions?

Were your Cubase 9 preferences imported correctly? Cubase 9.5 runs pretty much the same as Cubase 9 for me, the only difference is that the DAW is graphically snappier and more responsive now. In 64 bit Processing Precision mode the CPU usage is actually usually lower.

I had no CPU relevant settings in my preferences (special buffer sizes or the like), so I can’t imagine any difference coming from there.

Does anybody in here use Serum and can confirm? Meanwhile know of one other Cubase user who has exactly the same CPU trouble with 9.5 and Serum 64 (on a fast Kaby Lake CPU). I would be interested how it works for others.

And didn’t 64bit processing mode rather use some (limited) additional resources than lower CPU usage?