9.5Score editor: show quantize does not appear when activated

Hoped that Steinberg would finally update the score editor but alas, already for many years a neglected part of Cubase. Although something must have been adjusted because a bug appears. When in the score editor and activating Show quantize does not show the quantisation until you change the mouse pointer into Quantize and click somewhere on a bar. After that, when deactivating does not make all the quantize indications disappear until there is a screen redraw.

Steinberg, please update the score editor for version X or 10 or whatever it name will be. Dorico is too limited in midi to be a serious replacement and there is no live interface between the two of them.


What do you mean by “Show Quantize” function, please?

I wouldn’t say that. There have been updates, i.e., midi inspector, alpha keyboard input…

The problem is that there are fewer automatic screen redraws, which affects many other things too. A quick workaround for this annoyance is to use the command Force Update to which you can assign a keystroke.

(Martin- This is referring to the display of non-printed elements shown when activated in the Score Filter bar.)

Thanks for your work around Steve. Makes working with Cubase more pleasant.