9/8 Beaming that Changes

So I’m doing an arrangement of Blue Rondo a la Turk which goes between 2+2+2+3/8 and 3+3+3/8

What’s the best Dorico-friendly way to get the beaming to look right? What I’d like to see is 3 pairs of eighths or 3 quarters to begin each 2+2+2+3 bar, and then 3+3+3 or dotted quarter groupings for the 4th bar of each phrase.

And I’d love to do as much as possible using Dorico engraving options as possible.

How would you go about this?

I think I’d just enter the first time signature like so:

Enter the the next one as just 9/8, then hide it from the properties panel.
For the next bar you’ll need another [2+2+2+3]/8 time signature, but you’ll need to hide this one from the properties panel too. Beyond that, just rinse and repeat until you get to the 4/4 section.

And note that with the System Track or by Cmd/Ctrl-clicking multiple time signatures (or time signature signposts) you can quickly copy and paste the form further downstream.

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This works great! I have to figure out the system track thing, but pasting the flags did it for now.