90s Style Vocal Cutups - VIDEO

Hey people, we’ve got another free video up on youtube, this time covering 90s style vocal cutups.



Thanks so much for this. I always get real excited for your newly updated videos and this installment was no different. Please do keep it up.

as a guitar man not really my style of music but I’m no luddite and these videos are great for insights into all the different tools in Cubase 6. cheers.

Thanks Danny!


Its quite amazing how few tutorial videos there are for Cubase compared to other DAWs. There’s actually an interesting discussion going about this on gearslutz (specifically regarding Prologue, Spector, and Mystic).

Glad you all like the video. I checked out that thread on Gearslutz too… very interesting. I’ll try and do more Cubase vids but at the moment my workload is focused on Logic and Ableton courses. I will however always love Cubase as it was my first sequencer and I still use it on my own tracks when It feels like the right platform to use. I’m lucky that through my work I have licensed copies of each DAW so in some respects I treat each one like an instrument… each with it’s own flavour. I’ve said this to them already that Cubase needs to come with Halion 4 or at least a cut down version as it’s truly lacking a proper sampler.

BTW - i forgot to mention, I turned it into a full track and it’s on sale here - http://dannyjlewis.bandcamp.com/track/return-2-zanzibar

Minimum price 50p…

Thanks for the video mate, I wouldn’t have thought of it but it’s so easy :sunglasses:

Cheers, all your videos (I’ve only done the Cubase ones) are excellent.