$99 to $600 for KISS Tickets..WHAA?!?!? :o

Since no one is making money out of selling music any more it kind of means inflated ticket prices as you can no longer rely on loss leading tours to sell records.

I wouldn’t pay $0.99 to see Kiss, Steve :laughing: but those prices are outrageous :imp:
Get down your local rock venue and see some up and coming kids instead :sunglasses:

Isn’t that what you normally do, anyway? :laughing:

I think normal activity is putting on a red swimsuit and doing slow motion running along the beach!!

Terrible lyrics though …


Hi Steve.

I’ve been getting very WTFish about ticket prices these last few years. They have NOT been going up in a sensible curve.

In the ‘olden days’, just about everything was affordable if you didn’t want the best seat. Best seats … Oh Yes … you would PAYYY. But there’s always be a place for to suit people’s budgets.

No longer. even the bottom rung of the ladder requires a stupid jump.

Randy Couture, Phenomenal MMA artist was fighting in Manchester last year. I took my courage in my hands and threw aside my ‘I can’t be bothered to see anything’. I looked up ticket prices and was :astonished: :open_mouth: :imp:

Something like £160 for a cheap seat. Like … I THOUGHT I had been keeping up with the times when I had mentally figured that I might be expected to pay £60. I was like :imp:, but thought fugit, the guy is The Best … an all round hero.

Last time I was moved to see someone was Jeremy Brett, LIVE at Richmond Theatre as Sherlock Holmes. Randy Couture is THAT good.

But I saw the ticket price and … BLAM. My motivation exploded into ‘boing - I think I’ll have a cup of tea’, and that was that.

Thank God KAREN at the local computer and video game exchange shop does MMA and is a dedicated fan. At least I get to chat and bond without paying a king’s ransome.

Take care

KISS your money goodbye. :imp:

Yeah, I was shocked when Rush ticket prices jumped at the beginning of the last tour. My wife bought me two tickets for Christmas which was nice because I wouldn’t have spent the money myself. :laughing:

God ,I remember being in Tower Records in San Fran circa 1975 and a promo guy came thru with free tickets to Kiss at the Cow Palace. They were desperate to get people out to pad the house. They seemed roughly 50% louder than Led Zepplin who I’d seen a few years before; thats all I remember.