A 24bit LPCM and 48khz is required for Dolby Atmos


So I tried uploading a Dolby mix (ADM)I did to apple music and I got the below error message.

What could be the problem?


Edit. I’ve confirmed that the ADM file is indeed in 24bit and 48khz sample rate

Help :pleading_face: anybody???

It has to be a Broadcast Wave file. What file format is yours?

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Yes i exported as broadcast wave. I opened the ADM file on sound forge to confirm it’s contents.

I used binaural to monitor and forgot to switch it back to 7.1.5 before exporting. Could that have been the issue??


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I’ve rexported after correcting the error and sent it back. Will be sure to let you know if it’s accepted this time. Thanks for the time sir. Most appreciated

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The file was eventually accepted by apple music. Thanks :relaxed:

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