A 25 key controller for iPad 8

Hi everybody,
hope this is the right place for writing: I recently bought an AKAI pro MPK mini just for using it with my ipad 8 without external power but it resulted to asks for more power and it seems the same is for novation mini MK3, that was my main alternative.
I didn’t think it as my Novation 61 MK2 and my Novation LaunchControl XL can run without external power but so it is.
Can you suggest me an other 25 keys mini keyboard that could run? I could also buy an used one…
Thank you,

Anyone? Should I post in a different section of the forum? Thanx!

Hi, I was wandering in the forum when I saw your question, and today I’m trying a new piece of gear witch runs perfectly well with Cubasis and doesn’t need any external power, and that is Arturia Minilab mk2.
You can map it to fit with Cubasis.
Hope it helps. Cheers

Hi Rafik,
thank you very much for answering!
What kind of ipad do you own? It seems the problem is related to iPad 8, having a lightning input, not enough for powering AKAI or Novation mk3 keyboards… I think If you have an ipad with usb C the problem is bypassed…
Hope you read this!