a 30 seconds long startup time Dorico Elements 2.2

hi, is it normal that to open my file it takes about 30 seconds from the moment I double click the file on Windows to the point I can start working on the score? my computer is only I3 but it has a relatively fast samsung SSD for instance my computer starts in 8 seconds from the moment I turn it on until windows is available

how many VST instruments are you trying to load ?

Try setting the playback template to silent and see how long it takes.

I set the VST to Dorico Beep hi it improved the launch time to 15 seconds, is that normal?

It’s certainly not abnormal.

how long does it take to load on your powerful hp laptop with the i7 please?

Is Dorico already running when you click the file? Dorico has to do a lot of initialisation when it starts up. Also if you only have an i3 then this will limit the speed of opening projects, as calculating the spacing and layout of the project when you open it does take a significant amount of CPU time. If you have multiple cores then that will be faster (if you have a score with more than one player).

I have a score with only one player and is a 2 page score, dorico isn’t already running, I launch it from scratch… so 15 seconds is quite normal I understand? can you people share your launch speed?

Dorico launches in c. 20 seconds on my 3.0 Ghz i5 Mac Mini. But I tend to leave it running for days on end, so it’s not a productivity obstacle.

Projects themselves take extra time on top of that, between 4 and 10 seconds, depending on size.

On this Macbook Pro, 22 seconds to load Dorico itself (by clicking on the application icon in the dock).
I also tried launching Dorico by opening a specific project: 26 seconds to load a 17 flow project with multiple score layouts.
I’ll give figures for the HP in a few minutes.

On the HP, 15 seconds to load Dorico itself (double-clicking my desktop shortcut).
18 seconds to load exactly the same project as above.

Like Ben, the application loading time is completely irrelevant to me - I only close Dorico in order to take the dongle away (to work on the other computer).

ok I see my launching times are relatively average and normal, is there a way to minimize Dorico to the system tray on windows so it will remain in the memory while not cluttering the taskbar at the bottom?

No, Dorico won’t minimise to the system tray.

ok thanks