A and S keys - Can't edit text!

I am sure submitted this one before but it didn’t get approved!! :imp:

Anyway, I can not edit text names in Halion 6 because A and S keys are short cuts to for example S = SOLO!

I can’t find out how to stop this happening, its driving be crazy. Anyone have any idea? I am using Reaper and “send all keyboard commands” makes no difference.

Crazy :frowning:

This seems to be a Reaper problem, so the best will be to contact the Reaper developers.

A workaround would be to give HALion the complete control over the key-commands by opening a new GUI window drawn by HALion and not by Reaper.

  • To do that load HALion by “Insert virtual instrument on new track…”
  • Click on “open new window” (see picture below)
  • select “All Editors (Advanced)”
  • done
    New Window.png
    best regards
    Gerrit Junge