A:B Comparison Feature

Just a thought as I sit here composing using Dorico Pro. It would be great to have an A:B comparison feature where I could save an A version, make some changes, and then save a B version so I could easily listen to one and then the other without having to undo and redo my editing.

Duplicate the Flow and make the changes.

I can do that for now, but it seems like something where a keystroke to toggle between them would be helpful, especially when the changes are fairly minimal. I basically just want to quickly hear a few small changes and then either keep them or discard them.

Yes, other users have requested something similar in the past, a sort of equivalent of Cubase’s Track Versions feature. We may well add something like that in future, though not imminently.

Thanks Daniel. It’s not a game breaker by any stretch, but a “nice to have”