A/B of Cubase Group outputs possible?

First Wavelab post here, hello! Home hobbyist here with a question on Wavelab Lite functionality, thank you!

I wasn’t able to find a way to instantaneously level-match and A/B two groups in Cubase (for example, to compare a project pre- and post- compressor or EQ changes), so I was wondering if Wavelab Lite would have a function to help do that?

For example, in Cubase if I had the project routed to a group, and the project after some comp or EQ changes routed to a 2nd group - can Wavelab Lite accept the outputs from those two Cubase groups, then automatically level-match them in some fashion, then allow for quick A/B comparisons?

Thank you!

To save yourself time you could maybe just do it in Cubase. Level match the group tracks using the loudness meter. Then A/B between the group tracks (to do this easily activate ‘Enable solo on selected track’ in Preferences / Editing / Project & MixConsole).

OK, thanks stingray, working on that! :smiley: