A/B track comparison

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I’ve read in the cubase lineup a term like A/B Comparison, but in the manual I cant find such topic. What must I do to compare two tracks with one click or toggle switch in the mixconsole?


There is the A/B comparison for the plug-in settings only. In the plug-in window header, there is the A/B switcher. In the MixConsole, there is no this kind of feature.

You can use Solo switching of two tracks by one click (while holding Ctrl). So with combination of Solo Defeat, you can do this.

There are A/B plugins that let’s you monitor and switch with A / B tracks, however one weak point I find in these plugins that when auditioning a track which is already mastered the inserts on the master out aren’t disabled and thus adding mastering to the b track and so colouring the mix again so no reel A/B comparison.

Use the control room and not the master for inserting such plugins.
MAGIC AB Is one of the better ones.

Hmm, I don’t get it I think…

All FX on the masterbus is monitored into the monitor channel…or am I wrong?

So when A/B plugin is in the monitor section it plays through the insert section of the monitor channel? If so then I get it, otherwise I have to read up the manual to make sure I got the basics covered regarding master stereo bus and monitor bus.

No it is added after the masterbus, thus not affected by plugins aso.
You could also just put it as the last plugin in the Master chain.
Magic AB does either play one of many predefined files or lets the signal thru.
You can level match inside Magic AB for every file separately.
But I think you got it, reading your post again, yes the monitoring comes after the master bus :slight_smile:

Ok thanks, see your thanks hit rate :slight_smile:

If you are looking for an A/ B plug-in, highly recommend taking a look at Melda MCompare. It’s got functions that combine two plug-ins, Magic A/ B and Perception. I like it a lot.

Thank you all for your reply. I am not searching for a A/B comparison solution. I wondered only about the term in steinbergs lineup description: http://www.steinberg.net/en/products/cubase/line_up.html

There is a point called A/B comparison under the topic MixConsole and I did not find such thing in the manual.

Most/all of the stock cubase inserts allow you to compare the change you just made with that it sounded like before the change. There is a button at the top of the insert gui, might be labelled as “A/B”, or maybe two arrows pointing L/R in opposite directions, but either way, if you poke around you’ll find the button that allows you to “A/B” the change before and after the change. Maybe that’s what you are referring to?

Yes, I know the function behind the a/b button. But I thought that steinberg means another thing.

You’re welcome!

As well as the A/B function in the plugin windows, you also have a key command called something like 'compare a/b settings". This allows you to A/B between two channel EQ settings.

You have raised another function into the light, thank you. Maybe Steinberg means this in the lineup description.

Yes, the Steinberg description is a bit vague but my guess is that it’s referring to both the A/B plugin feature and the A/B EQ feature.