A-B two plugins on a channel

An A-B switch question.
An audio channel with two compressors,
I’d like to jump between in order to examine which fits better.

Can be done in one click??
(And not two…)


If you mean two different plug-ins (not one plug-in with different settings), then it’s tricky a bit.

The workaround would be to add two Group Channels, and put the Compressors (or the whole chain) to these Groups. Then you can switch, where do you want to route the output of the Audio track (which would be without any plug-in) by “one click” (switching in the Direct Routing).

Indeed maladroit workaround… :slight_smile:
Still thanks for this tip!

Actually, you can copy the whole Insert chain ny drag-and-drop (from the “Insers” tab name to the “Inserts” tab name). At the end, it’s not so bad. :wink:

Or try Contra Free

Why don’t you just duplicate the audio channel first, then set one compressor in each one, then switch between them? Once settled delete the one you don’t want to keep?

You cannot do this by one click, you have to Mute one Track and Unmute the second one.

You can do this in a single mouse movement by putting the audio of each of the channels into a single part, then right click and select the X (mute tool) and swipe over the parts. If you mute one part first, it works like the game Reversi.
Swipe using Mute tool.JPG