A Beautiful Noise - Duet by 2 lovely girls

Hey guys,

have a listen to my newest Recording and let me know how the vocals sound to you.


It’s my first Cubase 11 production.
Mic`s are as seen a u87 and a Flea47.
Piano is the Bechstein Kontakt library (really heavy on the CPU)

Piano sounds authentic! Vocal performance sounds great. Across the board it’s a good track. The only point I would make is to add a bit more 8-10k on the vocals to create a little more upper air. It would add a bit more shine. Just a tad.
Good job.

Thanks ro replying and giving constructive feedback.
After listening to after a while now i would agree that it could have used a bit more shine overall. Had a little struggle with deessing.
Thanks again

Yessssss, that’s always a demon. :slight_smile: Appreciate your art.