A better Duplicate Track

I often use the Duplicate Track functionality to, well, duplicate a track. A very common scenario for me is to start off with, say, a VST synth track, and then, as the song evolves, for me needing to split that synth track into, say, verse and chorus parts, with, say, the chorus parts having a different insert effects chain/settings on it.

What I do is I duplicate the track and then delete the verse events from the chorus track, and vice versa, and then I can tweak both insert chains separately.

This works fine, but it’s tedious, and it would be great if the Duplicate Track function would either (a) have an option to duplicate a track without copying the events on it (so I can just drag the events I need from the original track to it) or better yet, (b) duplicate only the selected events on it.

Option (b) would actually be a neat way to implement this: Have the Duplicate Track function duplicate the track, but only the selected events on it. That way, when selecting all events, you get the current functionality, when selecting some events, you can address my use case described above, and when selecting no events, you get a clean new track. This wouldn’t even require any more settings, UI changes, or new functions.

Is this already possible somehow, or is this a feature-request after all?


To duplicate the track without data, there is a macro (I cannot remember right now, but I think it comes with the defaults):


To duplicate the selected events, you may want to combine a Copy with the above macro (executed prior to it), and then a Paste (executed last). Just a guess though, haven’t really tried it.


Oh, awesome, I’ll dig that up! That’ll be helpful, thank you!

I do this all the time (duplicate track then select all events and delete), especially when I’m recording new audio tracks with different approaches but the same eq/effects, etc.

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You should try using track versions then

I like and use track versions, but usually only once I’m settled on a part and am trying out variations of comps and other edits. When I’m futzing around trying to find the right part I generally duplicate tracks.

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