A BFD3 thread?

You have convinced me to work more with the BFD3 editor. I will also be able to save the palette for safeties sake. I am working on a project now and will report back how I get on with it. You know I have not fully explored the possibilities there. Thanks for the encouragement.

I guess that what I do is a pretty similar approach, except maybe for the use of parallel compression.
Good to see that there is life in the old dog yet.

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yes indeed however the outside world wont change for a guitar but vst are quickly out of date and the competition (bfd has none ) dont sleep … things get quicker, cheaper and easier

It seems that inMusic’s BFD support is up and running. I have had an automated reply saying that someone will get back to me asap.

I have already had a reply. Which is great.

Ah, shucks. I’ve lost the expansion sales, I see the prices are back where they were. Nevermind, it’s a good opportunity to do my homework. But… How do I do my homework? How do I know which kit pieces are included in an expansion?

I was eyeing the Sabian digital vault, but I can’t seem to find out which cymbals are included. I’m interested in the rides, it says it includes HHX. HHX Legacy too? What size? Is there a 20" in there? I can’t seem to find a list anywhere.

Edit: Now I see that in the FAQ page there is a what’s included that I missed before. :see_no_evil:

FAQs > General Information > * What is included in this expansion pack?(FXpansion - BFD Sabian Digital Vault)

Didn’t see you edit.

I got three packs from the sale:

Imperial, Modern Retro and the Cocktail. I have been using them all. They sound excellent.