On December 5 2014 I posted my ARA Rant Letter on this forum requesting the implementation of ARA. The advantages to users with sophisticated pitch correcting requirements were immediately obvious. Also because I’m a long time Cubase user who likes to boast to my “other DAWs” friends about Steinberg’s long and stellar list of “firsts” and innovations (vst protocol, Asio, stereo interleaved non-real time audio mixdown, drum maps, expression maps, articulation maps - to name a few) I really hated the idea that Cubase was behind in this regard.

Better late than never. Steinberg has finally honored its word and implemented ARA2 in CB10. And just as I had expected it has boosted my work flow tremendously. To edit audio in the Melodyne plugin without having to re-record the material, and the ability to move the cursor within the plugin is a dream come true, and has moved Cubase again - objectively speaking - to it’s rightful place as King of the DAWs. And it is objective, guys. I use them all, have done the comparisons and benchmark tests.

So. Thank you Steinberg. I no longer flirt with the idea of leaving for other pastures. I no longer feel ignored, dismissed and disrespected. ARA is behaving as expected and my pitch editing frustrations are now a think of the past. While I admire the advances that VariAudio has made (and use it for small stuff) it really is still very inferior at this stage to Melodyne, so I’m happy that you seem to have finally listened to us users and have given us the power of choice. As I predicted in 2014, Cubase would not be diminished by this implementation. On the contrary it would only make the DAW more powerful and seriously professional. It now indisputably is. So thanks, thanks, thanks. I’m grateful, happy, over the moon, ecstatic, overjoyed, and all that good stuff. I truly appreciate it and I’m really happy that I no longer consider a divorce between myself and my favorite workhorse partner, Cubase.

Thank you Matthias
Also big thanks to Matthias Quellmann. You sir are to be commended for keeping us informed, and for giving us the impression that Steinberg hears and cares. Just talking to us has removed or diminished the impression that Steinberg does what Steinberg wants irrespective of what the customers request. I think it’s safe to speak for others on the forum. Your communication is very very appreciated and we hope it will continue. You are a very highly valued liaison between big Lord Steinberg and us regular guys. so massive thanks and respect.
That’s about it, 'nuff said. I will now resume happily to my pitch shifting duties.

I’ll jump in and add my thanks to Steinberg and Matthias and the other team members, especially for improved communications.

While the road has been rocky at times, and while Cubase/Nuendo 10 are imperfect (as are all DAWs), I do believe Steinberg is riding high right now. There are a still a lot of workflow improvements I’d love to see – and I hope they have been focusing on them for 10.5 – but Steinberg’s overall direction has been very good.

And I really appreciate that Steinberg made the move to adopt ARA – that was strategically very smart and of course it’s great for users, but more importantly, I think it signals a Steinberg that is listening much better to customers. Let’s hope Steinberg keeps this up!

Thank you for the kind words. Your feedback is highly appreciated and we are doing our best to improve Cubase based on your ideas, requests and requirements.

I agree - thank you to Steinberg and Matthias.

As another post-er said: There is still work to do in Cubase (workflow is the main thing) and I’m very happy to see things we talk about here and need, being implemented. Looking forward to seeing more improvements and refinements in 10.5 and beyond.

I join in and agree with the positive feedback - especially for Matthias.

One thing still bugs me… there HAS been a promise in the forum by Steinberg Representatives that they are working on correcting the Eucon Adapter (espeicially the channel visibility synch). Since that there is just NO information any more. EUCON Users are irritated and worried - the integration has been an explicit Cubase sales argument. Please help us with this.
Thx, Ernst

A big thank you to Matthias and Steinberg,from me also :smiley:

I am a relative newcomer to Cubase (June last year) And while music making is a hobby for me.I have enjoyed using Cubase,still got a load of things to learn and explore of course.

While the latest incarnation of Cubase is still growing,and despite the issues and bugs,its a great version overall. Really appreciate everyone efforts to sort out the various issues and bugs :slight_smile:

Looking forward to improvements and features in the current version and future versions of Cubase :slight_smile:

Another pleased customer here :slight_smile:

While not everything is working as a random user could wish for his or her personal workflow it’s amazing to which level the toolset has grown. The ARA implementation is a big one for me, I’m happy to have it and I’m sure the current version is just a good start & details of how it works will even improve over time.