A Big thank you to Steinberg for the Freebies

I would just like to say that i for one am very taken back and feel very humbled by the free gifts from Steinberg and their new partners , would just like to say a very heart felt thank you for these gifts , i can’t think of a time in the past this has happened with significant amounts of freebies .
So thank you to the Steinberg team for your generosity and here’s to many more years of Cubasing :wink: :heart: :heart:

All the best


Agreed! It’s come totally out of the blue which makes it all the better! :+1:


Fire the clip ive been wanting for a while and believe it or not i was working on a track today and thought about needing a different Vsti synth and what happens …perfect timing , couldn’t of timed it any better lol :grin:

Yes, a big thanks from me too - very welcome (freebies) surprise and generous of Steinberg.! Spent a couple of hours playing with Amped Elektra and the CS-80

Wow.! The Elektra has some great tones and FX, so you can mangle things up quite a bit if you want - definitely using that on some stuff; but that CS-80 though is a real stand out, beautiful synth… :heart_eyes:. All in all, awesome sounds, lots of fun.!

When you think the original CS-80 was a 200lb box of tricks which would now set you back between £25k and 50K, and that the Arturia emulation is a top of the line emulation, then Yes, this is a great freebie.
Total cost of freebies if purchased, over £300+!

thank you Steinberg!



I already had the Arturia and Softube stuff but adding a electrical piano is welcomed.
(Arturia is nice, the Softube tape stuff has way to much aliasing artefacts)

Great stuff, a big thanks to the people making the freebies possible!
Unfortunately, the Amped Elektra cannot be activated on 2 computers - the CS 80 has no problems there. This reminds me of the old times when people warned me of using Steinberg products with the old dongle-only policy.

I’m having trouble installing the Amped Elektra - it keeps asking for the USB e-licenser dongle and won’t let me install using the new Steinberg software licence.

I’m on the road until mid October and don’t have the USB dongle with me so I’m kind of stuck until I return.

I also notice that the instrument needs to be redeemed by Oct 3 which might be too late for me if I can’t get it to work before then.

Is there a way to get it to recognise the software licence?

Thanks for any suggestions.

You can register it to a soft eLicenser, you don’t need a USB dongle.

Just need the eLicenser app installed, that’s all - It’s always had a software component to it, but many people think it’s USB only.

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Ah… thanks so much - I didn’t know about the eLicenser app

Activation Manager …Download Assistant …Library Manager… now the eLicenser app…
Steinberg really make you sweat it out!

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This isn’t an ISSUE topic , this is a Thanks thread so could you please start your own thread related to your issue

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Merci Steinberg,
Danke schön,
Thank you,
Your the best :clap: :clap: :clap:


This is cunning plan by Steinberg, to stop people buying the upgrade in the sale and not registering it until the next version drops… Register it now, or miss out on the freebies… Genius!

for me this was the software deal of the century.
With Cubase Artist for 40% off,
I got a $50 upgrade for free for my Melodyne Assistant.
Tons of new instruments for HALion Sonic SE, and two new VST instruments.
Plus a few other vouchers i haven’t even used yet.
Upgrading Cubase from Elements to Artist during this sale is a fantastic deal.
Many thanks Steinberg.
:grinning: :grinning: :grinning: