A bit jealous of Cubase users..?

Should a Nuendo key also open the most current Cubase version?

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Am I the only one who is a bit jealous of Cubase user who always get the new goodies first?

Serious quesion, why can´t we just open Cubase with a Nuendo license?
It could work on a time limited basis, until Nuendo version status is “in sync” with Cubase again.

N6 license could open C7.5 version, until the day N6.5 comes out.
N6.5 license could open C8, until the day N7 comes out.

i.e. give every Nuendo user time to play around with the most current Cubase version, until Nuendo is “back in sync” with Cubase.

good or bad?

Nuendo license should include a cubase license IMO too.
It’d be tied to the same synchrosoft elicenser so we wouldn’t be able to open Nuendo and Cubase on two different workstations.
A permanent license for all Nek users and a temporary one for Nuendo Post would render everybody much more patient I’m sure.

Good methinks.

Voted Yay.

Here we go again…I vote for the complete…

CubaseProductionToolKit :laughing:

Yeah CPTK and a price tag of 2000€… Your avidity is staggering !

Having a up-to-date Cubase licence/key as well enables me to do that all the time, but I feel always a little bad when paying another 400 EUR for a Nuendo upgrade which is almost a Cubase licence (not fully but I might get my point).

I am fine with that because it is my decision to handle it that way - but basically I am paying twice for usually just using one application (because I only have two ears and one brain).

So I voted Yay because I fully agree with what Marsman wrote and it would be just a fair move from Steinberg.

Gets my vote…
I’ve suggested this in the past as a way for Nuendo users to stay in sync with the new Cubase features.
Makes sense to me as you wouldn’t be able to use both applications at the same time (on different machines), and esp. for more music centric people like myself it means not having to wait another 3-6 months to get the exact same feature set.

Funnily enough, one of my main reasons for initially buying Nuendo was so that I would always have the best of everything, Steinberg Daw wise. If I’d known that meant having to wait for new features a lot longer than Cubase users, I might have gone for that instead.
Unfortunately, some of Nuendo’s features (multiple marker tracks for one) are indispensable for me…

There was one update where the leapfrogging got so bad that SB offered a Combi licence so that Nuendo users could open Cubase projects. Unfortunately it all went horribly wrong when it was discovered that not only did the people in the US get two separate licences, whereas the UK only got a combi, but when the update for Nuendo finally came out it would overwrite our Cubase licence, thus making it a temporary licence, at best. Oh, and it wasn’t free either. :wink:


Maybe it is good to let the Cubase users beta test 7.5 before Nuendo 6.5 arrives? I think so.
And I also think the N6.5 update will be great!


6.5 will be great for sure. I can wait as well.

Now that’s funny!


Am I reading your signature correctly? You’re running Nuendo 4.3 on A Windows 7 PC with 48 gb of ram? That must be some new kind of motherboard you’ve got there. Do you have 2 - 24 gig sticks or 4 - 12 gb sticks of ram?


6 x 8GB sticks. I think that there are 12 slots though.

However, I’ve just updated the stdio, so I suppose I would change my sig.


No I am not. The way Steinberg are ruining theyir Daws with every version more does not make me want to upgrade any more.
Btw. Yesterday I installed the Cubase 7.5 trial on my studio PC. Minimalistic projects that work in Nuendo 5 with a buffer of 48 (Fireface UFX) get Asio overloads in Cubase 7.5 with a buffer of 256. No thanks.

I don’t want to see any Cubase sign cause I bought NUENDO with its crazy price.
In this price tag I deserve to have the NEK. This is the flagship and at the end, some of us need some of the features.
I really don’t understand that. :cry:

It’s just plain ridiculous that a Cubase license is not included with Nuendo. And definitely proof of Steinberg’s ever-present desire to milk their customers for every dime they can. Really? Your “flagship” program waits to include features that are functional in the baby brother software and you expect your loyal high price customers to shell out additional cash to get to use the functionality in the interim? Sorry, but that just sucks.

It’s crazy to market a niche markt product at mass market prices.
A new ADR module, video engine. ASIO Guard (Audio engine), Mixer, IOSONO Plug, control surface implementation…?

How much did you pay for the upgrade?

Go and compare Nuendo’s price tag and upgrade prices to a Fairlight system, Pro Tools HD and Pyramix.
Then add the price of the IOSONO Plug and a professional ADR System (Gallery).