A bit lost with November 2


First of all, thank you for your software. I just migrated from Sibelius that I used for 10+ years and I must say that I do not regret it!

I installed the november 2 font, but I can’t understand how to use all the glyphs of the font. For example, how do I input the “Renaissance C clef” ? Or Mensural F clef?

I’m sorry to ask such basic questions but I’ve been tweaking my score for hours now, not getting it!

Hope you can help!


Nicolas Rabaeus

If you’re trying to enter a clef that you want to look like an old style, then you’ll have to change the glyph of an existing clef. You can do that in the Music Symbols editor. Note that this will change all instances of that clef.

Thank you for your swift reply! Exactly what I was looking for!

All the best,