A bit of advice on Limiting please

I’m just about to finish a dancey sort of music track.
Got all my eq’s sorted out. Individual track levels are sounding okay & probably just volume slider automation required on the tracks, sub groups and groups.

However, it does sound better with a limiter on the Stereo Out track using a Dance Master preset.
I’ve mixed it (so far) with a limiter on inset 8 of the Stereo out, but it got me wondering if this is correct.

So my questions is:
Where should my Limiter sit on the stereo out?
In slots 1-6 or slots 7-8?
There are no other inserts or eq’s etc on the stereo out except for Voxengo on insert 7.

I’d be grateful for your feedback.
Neil B

Hi again - I’ve answered my own question after a bit of research on Cubase video tutorials c/o Groove 3.
The experts suggest that limiters go in slots 7 or 8 (post fader).
Neil B

Aloha N

As you know there no hard and fast rules on how to do anything in music
(‘what ever sounds good, is good’, is my motto) however the above approach
is consistent with many users’s (including mine) work-flo.

Here is the advice part:

1-Just make sure your projects are all backed-up!!!
2-Screw the experts!
3-Don’t be afraid to try out diff stuff/shake up the establishment etc etc etc.
4-You might come up with something great!
5-Just make sure your projects are all backed-up!!!
6-Just make sure your projects are all backed-up!!!
7-Just make sure your projects are all backed-up!!!

Good Luck!

Nice one :slight_smile:
In reality though it’s no use having a limiter somewhere in the wrong slot if you intend to move the faders as part of the mixing process.
… and I’m CDO when it comes to backups. (CDO is like OCD except the letters are in alphabetical order as thy should be :slight_smile: )