A Brief Moment of Consciousness

Hi All, I was digging into FM synthesizers when I made this recording. Every track on this is NI FM8, with the exception of the kick and snare, which is an instance of Cubase Groove Agent LE. NI FM8 is a model of the original Yamaha DX7. I used standard patches that come with FM8. I used to own a Yamaha DX7, and the dream was to have enough TX7 modules (the internals of the DX7), effects, and drum machines linked together through MIDI to do what I did with this. I never did. In principle, every patch could have been loaded into a DX7 and they all could have been played and recorded together. It was a lot of fun, and I hope you get a kick out of it.

Awesome Leon!

Some trademark Early 21 harmonies, nice breakdowns, an a lovely (9/8?) rhythm that sounds so natural - different enough to make you notice something slightly different but fits perfectly. Great sounds; I really like the snare sound you got. Very nice drum programme. Lovely stuff.


Thanks for listening, Steve. First time I posted something without guitar, but it was a fun exercise!

Hi Leon,

Fascinating retro. Like Steve, I loved the rhythmic feel, it really flowed. Nice one.


Thanks, Jonathan.

The intro is amazing.(Very well done pan)
Also, I really appreciate the harmonies. No guitar is OK, but… I was waiting for your voice!

Stephco, you are never going to hear my voice. That would really ruin everything. Anyway, thanks for the kind words!