a bug report: adding an instrument converts tam-tam to gong


entering tam-tam via “add solo player” suggests gong and creates a-line staff.
Gong is a pitched percussion, but tam-tam is an unpitched percussion.
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Could it be fixed in the next version of Dorico?

For clarity, this looks like a mis-translation in the Italian set of instrument names.
To reproduce,

  1. Set Engraving Options > Language > instrument names to Italian.
  2. Add a new instrument to an existing player, or add a new player.
  3. Type tamt into the instrument search and see that the filter selects “Gong” from the list.

prko, for your own purposes you can fix this yourself:
Create a “gong” instrument. From the > menu, click Edit Names.
Type Tamtam into the appropriate text boxes.
Tick the “Save as Default for instrument” tickbox.
Hit OK.

While we’re at it, “Batteria militare” in the instrument list actually appears in the score as “Snare Drum”. And no, I’ve not edited the default!

Thanks! I have done.

However, this changes the default name of Gong to Tamtam.
That would mean, I need a new instrument for Gong if I need Gong and Tamtam.

Is there a way that a user can create an instrument?

No. You can always repurpose one that you don’t use, though.


Note that, with Italian names, there are no fewer than seven gongs available to you. I think you’re making this out to be a bigger problem than it is…

(and if you’re looking for a pitched one, it’s under Pitched Percussion and it’s called Gong Intonati)

Ah thanks! It is perfect!