A Bug with between same name but different files

My god,About 8 projects were little breaking with is bug on my work…(Nuendo 7.0.20 Build 468 64bit Windows 7)
I have to check out those projects one by one.
begian,this bug with chr only, eng is ok,
but Now,eng still with this bug…

For Mac os ,it looks like well.

watch this video

Would need to find out what is happening here, but I can imagine a whole bunch of disaster scenario’s when working with different files that have identical names. Not exactly standard procedure …


Bug NO.2
When I render in place form a Midi track(may be not only MIDI)
When render was done…
in sometimes, has one track(maybe more) outputs will be changed which some audio track I don’t know…

I got this bug about 3 times,for now