A colorful time grid

When working with high subdivisions (ex: 1/128 triplets) the time grid can end up looking too uniform for a clear immediate visual comprehension of what’s written. I’d like to be able to tweak the grid’s contrast in more details, for example set specific colors to certain vertical lines that I decide are meaningful.

It could be

  • a dialog box complete with an abstract bar and a preset menu to help define things, each subdivision’s vertical line having it’s unique id number and a way to set its color.

  • a direct integration in the key editor thru a pop-up floating menu to specify the color of the vertical time grid line currently under the cursor (and (or not, (global option ON/OFF)) all equivalent grid lines in other bars). This menu could be a sub-menu entry in the regular right click menu or appear with a key combination ex: [CTRL] [SHIFT] [SPACE] + Right Click

  • accessible thru the Project Logical Editor so I could create color presets and launch them with key commands:
    ( Container Type is _ Equal _ TimeGridLine _ And
    Property _ Property is set _ Event is under cursor )
    Set Color _ Set to fixed Value _ Color 10

hi, have you any answer for the contrast or color of grid ? thanks . lucky :slight_smile: