a command to unlock all tracks that are in lock state in project ?

didn’t find a way to unlock all tracks in project that are in lock state.
thought i could do it with project logical editor but i didn’t see any “lock” parameter in there.
i can do it with key command “lock/unlock track” but i have to find those locked tracks and select them,or select all tracks and toggle the key command, which requires some more unnecessary steps.
would be useful to have a “lock” parameter in PLE to build custom commands for it.


There is no Property Locked.

The underlying restriction is that the top section cannot detect if a Track is locked or not. If it could select locked Tracks then you could use the Macro capability built into the PLE (but not in the LE for no good reason) to change the lock state.

The only potential workaround I can think of is instead of clicking on the lock to lock the Track you lock it using a Macro. And in addition to locking the Track it also sets some other Track Property let’s call X.

X would need to meet two criteria

  1. It must be something that the top section of the PLE can detect
  2. It must be something you really don’t normally care how it is set

Then you could use the PLE to select all the X/Locked Tracks and then run a Macro to unlock those Tracks and remove X (or maybe use the bottom of the PLE to remove X).