A commonly encountered error with Dorico 5

I am getting this:

And yet, to get the update going, I had to reinstall all the components 4 or 5 times to make it happy. And now Dorico is still not happy.

What are we to do? Not really convinced I want to spend every few days constantly reinstalling bits. Are there diagnostics for this?

Windows 11 Insider Preview. [Never had this problem with Dorico 4.]

Hi Andro,
please post the usual diagnostics report. From that I should be able to spot what is missing. Thanks

The reason you didn’t see this warning with Dorico 4 is because it’s new in Dorico 5, to make it possible for you to know that something is awry with the setup of Dorico on your computer, and to make it easier for us to troubleshoot exactly what’s up (when you provide the diagnostics).

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But this is intermittent. I should have added that. That is concerning - either the component is there or not. Puzzling. If it knows what is not there, could it present that on the dialog?

That’s fine, get them the diagnostics and the reasons will surely be in there, no doubt this dialog triggers specific error text (namely what component is missing).

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@DanMcL there’s another problem I have not elaborated but the program does not start half the time either so I don’t think I can get the diagnostic files. A reboot fixes it temporarily. I was hoping to be immune from the upgrade problems. :slight_smile: I still think if the component in question is in detailed error logs it could be exposed to the user. Would alleviate support issues to a large extent for this problem? Maybe.

look in

%appdata%/Steinberg/Dorico 5

Check the latest log file and/or upload the directory here for D&U to take a look at, the diagnostic report zip is probably just this directory or something like it

I expect things like this with Windows 11 Insider Preview. I am confident it will all settle down over time, so I am not complaining.

I’ll find the logs.

flip those slashes, damn Bill Gates for not following Unix


Oh, ya know, it wasn’t Bill’s fault. This article explains how MS wanted the forward slash for DOS 2, but IBM insisted on backslash for compatibility with DOS 1.


Hi @Andro, Dorico keeps the logs of the 10 last runs. So you just need to get Dorico starting up to the hub window and then you can choose Help > Create Diagnostics Report and we can see most of what we like to see.

FWIW, on W11 I always have to start Dorico (4 or 5) as an Administrator. Otherwise, nothing happens…

On 11 here with two computers running Dorico, no issues FWIW

@DanMcL It may be Insider Preview issues.

Yeah I got that … possibly, but I’m a little doubtful that there would be that great of an incompatibility.